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Market Rasen Nursery

Willow Tree House is one of two day care facilities owned by the Company and operated in Market Rasen.


It opened in 2003 and operates from a converted house situated near to the centre of the town of Market Rasen. Chestnut House is our new nursery in Market Rasen and this is due to open in March 2013.



There are three playrooms on the ground floor and the baby unit, sleep room, kitchen, laundry and office on the first floor. There are appropriate toilet, hand washing and nappy changing facilities provided within easy access of the children's playrooms. All children share access to a large enclosed outside play area to the rear of the property. The nursery serves the immediate locality as well as the villages and towns of the surrounding area.


Willow Tree House - cares for a maximum of 51 children at any one time, aged from 8 weeks to 11 years. Children attend for a variety of sessions. The setting currently supports children with special educational needs. Places have been very much in demand at this setting and occasionally we have had waiting lists so the company decided to expand to provide two nurseries (across the road from each other).


Chestnut House - opening soon in March 2012 will offer a further 66 places for children aged 8 weeks to 11 years. Younger and Older babies will be cared for in seperate rooms in this Nursery (upstairs) and there is a seperate sleep room, baby room kitchen, and nappy change room provided as well and the baby unit if very secure.


There are also large storage rooms upstairs. Toddlers and preschool children will be in seperate rooms downstairs and there is a very large creative area available at the back of the property, as well a a 'Childrens Powder Room' and large nappy change room.



In addition to this the property also has a registered food kitchen, laundry room, office and private meeting room, staff room facilities and a customer toilet.  The premises has been adapted to ensure that full disabled access is available downstairs and staff are on hand to assist families who may need any assistance to access the upstairs baby rooms.  


The property has a very large outdoor garden to the rear of the property which has a beautiful weeping willow tree which will host a storytelling area.  We fully intend to leave the garden whcih is lawned and full of wonderful trees, bushes and large shrubs which children can hide in and explore and develop their imagination.  We will also be offering a 'Forest School Curriculum' at this site which will involve Den Building, Camps and Small Camp Fires, team building exercises and adventuries with our resident fairies and elves!!  For more details about this new Nursery please speak to Margaret Reeves.


Our daily routines encourage individualism, independence, self selection and enhanced social skills. We aim to ensure that children learn to respect themselves, each other and the world within which they live.

Market Rasen Nursery