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We try to ensure your child develops sensible eating habits as part of their nutritional education. The Nursery can provide breakfast, Lunch and light supper for an extra charge.


Our lunchtime meals are provided by an award winning caterer who cooks a balanced, nutritional and varied menu which is designed around a 3 week menu plan.  Children's allergies and other dietary requirements such as vegetarian and Halal diets can be catered for, if this is discussed with the Nursery Manager in advance.  Each lunchtime meal prepared by the caterer has had specific ingredients such as salt, sugar and red meat weighed out into just the right quantities for each portion, which makes your job of staying on top of your child's nutritional intake very easy.  Menu's are available below so you can plan your child's meals at home to avoid duplications.  Lunchtime meals are a hot main meal and a dessert to follow.  Breakfast and light supper are prepared in house.  Please speak to the Nursery Manager for more details about our in house meal provision.  


Lunchtime menus are displayed on the 'Parents' board for your perusal. Unfortunately as orders for lunchtime meals must be placed with our caterer in advance we cannot provide these meals on the day, however we can provide an in house lunch at short notice should you require this on the day.  Please speak to the nursery staff who will organise this for you.  Parents who have the catered lunchtime meals will need to give one weeks notice to stop these.  


The Nursery provides a mid-morning and mid afternoon snack as well as milk or water to drink throughout the day, for which there is no extra charge. We invite parents who wish to ensure their child has their "5 a day Fruit and Vegetable portions", to supply their child with a couple of their daily fruit/veg portions in a named lunch box.  


The nursery prefers children not to bring their own juice or sugary/fizzy drinks into nursery because of the cross infection risk to other children.  Children are offered milk and water at all times throughout the day and staff positively encouraged independent access to water.

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