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Our Philosophy

The commitment to children having FUN is at the forefront of our philosophy and Quality is at the very heart of everything we do! We continually strive to achieve the highest standards in every aspect of the childcare and education that we provide within Nursery and we always put your child first by making our care individual to their needs.


When children have high levels of attention and are cared for in a safe, caring and stimulating environment they flourish. The early years are so important, as it is during this time that the foundations for future life and learning are laid. Knowledge during these years is very much gained through a stimulating play environment and high quality adult interactions. Children at Town & Country Kiddies are offered, within small groups, opportunities to learn by exploring and experimenting with carefully selected play materials, participating in well-prepared stimulating curriculum activities, and also from direct experience with their environment and interacting with children of their own age.


At Town & Country Kiddies we continually invest in equipment and new products that will make a difference to your child's development and learning.


Our daily routines encourage individualism, independence, self selection and enhanced social skills. We aim to ensure that children learn to respect themselves, adults that care for them, each other, their community and the world within which they live.

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