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Settling In

All children will need time to settle into the new environment. At Town & Country Kiddies we want 'settling in' to be as stress free as possible, for both you and your child. You are very welcome to spend time at the Nursery with your child before they start or during their first few weeks. The General Manager will discuss settling in sessions before your start date, in order to plan staff resources and maintain legal ratios. There is no pressure to leave your child until you are ready to do so, staff however are happy to advise and reassure parents when settling in their child.



We believe, the transition to Nursery can be made easier by;


Allowing your child to have a comforter with them e.g.; favourite toy or blanket.


Telling them when you are leaving that you will return later.


Sharing positive information with you about your child's time at Nursery.


Welcoming parents into the Nursery at all times and encouraging parents to ring as many times as they wish, to enquire about their children.


Parents will only be charged for the time the child is left in the Care of the Nursery Staff.

Additional Information

Parents are requested to provide a change of clothes in a spare bag, nappies, cream and wipes for children aged under 3 yrs.  A toothbrush and toothpaste (for children aged 3-5).  Wellington Boots, Hats and coats in the Autumn/Winter and Sunhats in the Spring/Summer for all children.


We ask that all personal belongings be labelled with your child's initials to avoid confusion.


Unfortunately, the nursery cannot accept financial responsibility for any items mislaid.

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